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Customer Comments

On ILS Integration

 “Thank you, Quality Books, for your part in the successful set-up of your company as an electronic vendor in our acquisition’s module!  Being a new TLC/OSA user, I was quite hesitant to attempt the set-up without TLC support staff walking me through the process.  Your staff did an excellent job of identifying the EDI protocol needed to make the entire process – from ordering to receiving to invoicing – an immediate success.  I commend your staff for their knowledge of OSA and their desire to be of help to the individual customer.”

Jan Davis
Tech Services Dept Head
Grayslake Area Public Library (IL)


On QBI’s SmallPress Select Program

“Quality Books has really made ordering easy.  With SmallPress Select, we can order directly on the electronic form that Quality provides.  It downloads directly in our system, creating both our bibliographic records and our holdings.  Then with EDI ordering, we can FTP the order and download our invoices as well.  It's so simple to learn, we didn't even need to have a training session with our selectors.  A simple email explained everything they needed to know.  We love our SmallPress Select."

Nancy H. Dail
Acquisitions Manager
Richland County Public Library (SC)
"Library of the Year 2001"


“Quality books helps to fill in holes in our collections with the small press, harder to find materials. Our selectors see things that would otherwise be overlooked because they don't show up in the review journals. I am very happy with the SmallPress Select format.  The records are very easy to work with and after using your easy to follow instructions, downloading on order records into a PO complete with item information works like magic!”

 “I am very impressed with all of the work that you have done to bring the technical side of your business up to the high level of customer service you have always offered the selectors.  You have been outstanding in your responsiveness and attention to detail.”

Carol Dolin
Acquisitions Coordinator
Indian Trails Public Library District (IL)


“Very impressive!  Took me all of maybe 5 minutes to use your program, create the brief MARCs and load them into my ILS. I can not tell you how much time this will save my staff! “

Michelle Mazzanti
Head of Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services
Henderson Libraries (NV)


“The Orange County Library System was looking for a way to enhance identified high turning/circulating Dewey ranges with titles from small presses that flew under the radar.  Quality Books provides us with pointed selection lists via their easy to use SmallPress Select program.  The quality of the items delivered has been right on target and we are experiencing good circulation. A win-win partnership.”

Wendi Bost
Acquisitions Services Manager
Orange County Library System (FL)


On Opening Day Collections/Shelf-ready Processing

“We are a medium-sized public library serving a population of approximately 55, 000 people.  Recently, we were charged with the task of selecting an Opening Day Collection with a very short turnaround.  Quality Books provided me with all of the tools (electronic selection, multiple visits from my sales rep) needed to make the process painless.  We contracted to have the collection cataloged and processed.  The order arrived ahead of schedule, with impeccable cataloging and beautiful processing---our specs were followed to the “T”.  Your company should pride itself.  The professionalism of the Quality Books staff, attention to detail and excellent customer service made this a five-star experience.  We look forward to another excellent year of Quality service.”

Marisa Abramo
Principal Librarian
National City Public Library (CA)

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