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The Ideal Product-What Are We Looking For?

Listed below are some of the selection criteria which we use.  (While we often select titles that don’t include all of these elements, this list provides some basic guidelines.)

1) Adult non-fiction and selected children’s & young adult book titles and non-theatrical DVD titles.  (We do not stock poetry titles or novels.)
2) Timely subject matter.
3) Newer copyright date.  (A must for most of our large customers.)  Ideally, we like to hear about a new title 120 days before it comes off the press.  However, final copies are always welcome too.

4) Well organized.

  • Includes an index and table of contents
  • Title: for books, should be the same on cover, spine, and title page.  For DVD or CD-ROM should be the   same on sleeve and disk.
  • Readily accessible information.
  • No "fill in the blanks" or tear out page workbooks.
5) We receive a sample copy or galley proofs prior to official publication date.
6) Product has not been exposed to the library market.
7) Vendor/Publisher/Producer's primary market is outside of the library market.
8) Subject coverage "fills a gap"; title is clearly differentiated from others in the field.
9) The cover and title effectively and clearly convey the product's purpose at a glance. The product may have a cover that is black & white or four-color and draws the end user's attention.
10) Binding or Packaging is durable and cannot be easily damaged.
11) Product is freestanding – not including or necessitating accompanying material, i.e., booklet, DVD, etc.
12) Producer must be able to grant public performance rights for the U.S. and Canada on all DVD products carried or represented by QBI.

Note: In the event that we decline to stock a title, we are not implying that it is unsuitable for libraries, only that the title doesn’t fit our line or selling methods.  Occasionally we will turn down a very good title simply because we already have a considerable amount of material on the same subject.  If we say no, don't be discouraged! Keep sending us future titles!

How to Submit Your Product

1) Submit a review copy along with our Distribution Information Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).  If prepublication, we will accept galley proofs.  Send to the attention of the Title Selection Committee. To obtain a Distribution Agreement please contact the Publisher Relations Departments at publisher.relations@quality-books.com or call 815-732-4450.

2) Include a signed copy of the DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT.  No titles will be accepted without a signed distribution agreement.

3) Make copies of the INFORMATION FORM for future use.  (Please keep us informed of all new and future titles.)

NOTE FOR DVD ONLY: The Distribution Agreement contains Public Performance Rights Agreement which must be executed!

What Happens Next?

1) If our Title Selection committee selects your title, we will call you or send you a consignment order for an initial stock quantity.
2) At that time we will request cover images and annotations for use by our sales professionals.  Do not send images and annotations until we have given you an order!
3) Titles we stock usually have a shelf life of 12 or 18 months. However, there are exceptions to this.


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