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Sales Aids:

The most effective method of marketing your title via direct sales representation is the cover image, so without it, your title is not being represented. 

Our sales force uses a printed cover image of your product to hand sell them to the library accounts across the country.  Before distribution to the sales force your cover image is enhanced with a data information block that is produced by Quality Books Inc. for each title.  The data information block provides valuable information for the library, including Dewey number, an abstract of the title, LC number, subject classification, and other features.  With you supplying the cover image and paying a small promotional printing fee per title our reps can have the product in hand to sell at an expedient advantage to other outlets of distribution. 

QBI also offers libraries the opportunity to order from our customer web site, www.QBIBooks.com.  On this web site we post cover images with title information.  This information will also appear in a more timely fashion with the vendor/publisher provided cover image.

The JPEG files can be sent on diskette/CD, transferred to our FTP site or emailed to publisher.relations@quality-books.com.  The QBI FTP address is ftp://ftp.quality-books.com/ , logon information can be attained by contacting QBI via phone or email at publisher.relations@quality-books.com.

Quality Books Inc. needs the vendor/publisher to supply the cover image in JPEG format, 7 x 10 or trim size if smaller, 200 DPI or higher with the ISBN (without dashes) as the file name. 

If you have any questions concerning cover images, please call the Publisher Relations Department or e-mail publisher.relations@quality-books.com.   

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