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SmallPress Select Electronic Annotations Service

Are you short-staffed and overworked? Would you like to eliminate a portion of your collection development research time? Do you want to provide diverse small press resources for your patrons in an efficient way?

Then SmallPress Select is for you!

SmallPress Select is a new FREE service from Quality Books that makes collection development for small press resources efficient and fun. Why should you have to hunt through vast databases of information to find what you are looking for? SmallPress Select is a profile-based annotation program that delivers rich information about titles YOU want to see right to your desktop via an enhanced excel spreadsheet. Features of SmallPress Select include:

What do you have to do? All that you need to do is fill out a profile of resources you would like to look at on a regular basis and fax it back to our customer service department at (815) 732-4499. To get a copy of our profile form, you can click here or call our Customer Service Department at (800) 323-4241 and we can fax you a copy. Once the profile is completed, all you need to do is wait for your annotations to arrive.

How does it work? SmallPress Select is delivered as an Excel file via email, disk, or FTP. A sample of a SmallPress Select electronic annotation file is available below. Since the file uses some complex macros, it is important that you read the following instructions before taking a look.

Click here for Basic SmallPress Select Instructions

Click here for ILS Loader Instructions

 You are now ready to examine our SmallPress Select demo! As always, we are constantly trying to improve our services to libraries. So, if you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 323-4241.

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