Residents of the EC Plantation Close EC can look forward to green living spaces, such as walking trails and bicycle paths, and a greenery-filled integrated park. The development is also designed with a “Smart Home Concept,” which makes use of smart technologies, such as motion detectors, to automate home functions. Residents of the EC can also enjoy a variety of amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and clubhouse. With its many features, the Tengah Plantation Close EC is a great place to call home.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is a new executive condominium located in the western part of Singapore. Adhering to the principles of sustainability, this innovative development has been designed with the environment in mind. It boasts 9 blocks, providing a total of 720 units. These range from one- to five-bedroom apartments. As the first development of its kind in Singapore, the Tengah Plantation Close EC incorporates the concept of sustainability in its construction.

The URA intends to upgrade existing infrastructure in Jurong while simultaneously constructing new facilities to facilitate the expected population growth and increased activity. This is to include roads, public transport links, and recreational facilities such as schools, hospitals, and parks. Moreover, the URA is looking at ways to make existing industrial and commercial structures more modern and efficient to provide more space for businesses and recreation.

The energy-efficient materials used in the construction of Plantation Close Parcel A GLS help to reduce the energy used for heating and cooling, while the addition of green technology such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting provide clean energy for the development. Furthermore, smart home technology gives residents the power to control their lighting, temperature, and security from their smartphones.

The smart parking system provided by the condominium makes it possible for residents to locate and reserve parking spots efficiently and quickly. This allows them to turn their attention away from the hassle of searching for parking and towards their daily tasks.

The URA has set out proposals to transform Tengah Plantation EC located close to Jurong into a regional hub. These include the development of housing estates, commercial centers, recreational spaces, and creating job opportunities in order to draw in new industries to the area. All of this is designed to create a comprehensive and integrated community in the region.
Tengah Plantation Close EC offers excellent recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a playground. The development also features a 24-hour security system and CCTV surveillance, so residents can be assured of a safe and secure living environment. There are also a wide variety of restaurants and cafes nearby for residents to enjoy. The nearby shopping malls provide an ideal spot to shop and dine with family and friends. Tengah Plantation Close EC is also conveniently located, making it easy to access major expressways. With its exceptional facilities and convenient location, it is easy to see why Tengah Plantation Close EC is a great place to live.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is the perfect place for those looking for the ultimate luxurious living experience. Providing a variety of amenities and facilities, residents have the convenience and comfort of staying in a well-appointed development. Boasting a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a playground, Tengah Plantation Close EC offers a plethora of recreational options. Security is of utmost importance and is ensured with the 24-hour security system and CCTV surveillance. Moreover, its close proximity to a variety of restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, and expressways make it the ideal spot for both residents and visitors. It is no surprise that Tengah Plantation Close EC is a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable and secure lifestyle.

At Plantation Close EC, kids can have a great time at the playground and get wet in the dedicated children’s pool. Furthermore, there’s a clubhouse and a swimming pool for the whole family to have fun together. With a selection of retail outlets and food courts, everyone can go shopping and dining in comfort.
Additionally, the building is equipped with an energy-efficient cooling system and other energy-saving features, such as windows that reduce heat and glare. The building also has a solar panel system that helps to generate electricity for the building. Finally, the building has been designed to be environmentally friendly, and it has been designated as a “green building” by the government.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC has been crafted with a focus on saving energy and reducing air pollution. It has been built with eco-friendly materials that are both sustainable and recyclable, and it is equipped with a variety of energy-saving features. Sensors and systems monitor air quality and energy consumption, and the building is fitted with an energy-efficient cooling system equipped with windows that reduce heat and glare. Additionally, a solar panel system helps generate electricity for the building. All of these measures have earned it the designation as an “eco-friendly” or “green building” by the government.
The green roof and walls also help to keep the interior temperature of the building more comfortable.

The Tengah EC has been designed with sustainability and green living in mind, featuring classrooms and green spaces to encourage learning about the environment. Moreover, the building has been constructed with a green roof and walls that are intended to add further green spaces for residents and help to keep the interior temperature morepleasant. With these features, the Tengah EC emphasizes the importance of green living and education.

Tengah Town, situated in the western area of Singapore, is a modern and ever-improving locality which has yet to gain much recognition. The upcoming Tengah Plantation Close EC is set to act as a driving force for the town’s growth, due to its array of useful features and options accessible to purchasers and investors alike.

The EC smart home system at Tengah Plantation Close make living more convenient and efficient for its residents, with the ability to control various devices and appliances from their mobile device or by voice commands.
The hiLife app also allows users to book facilities, pay upkeep, give feedback to the building’s management, receive news and notices, or monitor their homes remotely. Additionally, each unit is equipped with a smart home package featuring a smart digital lockset, smart A/C module and smart doorbell. With these features, Tengah Plantation Close EC facilitates a smarter, more convenient lifestyle for its residents.
This new executive condominium, located in the western part of Singapore, features a variety of green initiatives.

As Singapore advances, the requirement for sustainable and green features in new housing projects becomes increasingly vital. The newly constructed Tengah Plantation Close EC is a prime example of how the government seeks to guarantee that fresh housing developments are both green and eco-friendly. Situated in the western region of Singapore, this executive condominium showcases a selection of green initiatives.

The Tengah Plantation Parcel A Close EC development will be equipped with plenty of amenities for residents to take advantage of. These amenities include an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a clubhouse, a playground, and a selection of eateries and stores. Additionally, the development will provide easy access to the MRT station in Tengah Town, giving occupants the ability to easily access public transportation.
Furthermore, there is a full-service supermarket in the mall that provides groceries, fresh produce, and more. IMM is a great place for those living near Tengah Plantation EC to do their shopping and eating.

IMM is a shopping centre located a few minutes away from Tengah Plantation EC, offering a variety of shops and services. Inside the mall, shoppers will find fashion boutiques, lifestyle stores, convenience stores, and a large selection of restaurants. A food court is also available for those seeking quick meals. For entertainment, IMM features a cinema and an arcade, as well as a supermarket with fresh produce and groceries. Those living near Tengah Plantation EC will find that IMM is an ideal place for shopping and eating.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has identified Jurong as an ideal location for urban redevelopment, owing to its advantageous location, excellent access to transportation connections as well as its potential for growth. With its close proximity to the heart of Singapore and the Central Business District, the region is a prime choice for businesses and economic activities. Furthermore, through its proximity to the MRT and other transport links, Jurong is well-positioned to become a regional hub.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is situated in a prime location, surrounded by public transport, amenities and shopping options. It is well-served by multiple bus services, such as the 166 and 990, with the nearby Bukit Batok Interchange providing access to various parts of the city, and the Bukit Timah Bus Interchange just a stone’s throw away, offering routes to the East Coast. Residents can enjoy a wide variety of features and amenities nearby, from places to go shopping to restaurants.
Residents in Tengah Plantation Close EC can enjoy easy access to a host of leisure amenities and activities.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC can take advantage of the nearby Jurong East Shopping Mall. This mall, situated near Plantation Close Parcel A, has a variety of shops, restaurants, and a cinema for entertainment. Not to be outdone by the shopping mall, other attractions nearby include the Jurong Bird Park, the Science Centre, and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. All of these places are within easy reach of Tengah Plantation Close EC residents, providing a plethora of leisure activities and amenities.

Situated close to Tengah Plantation Close EC is West Mall, the fifth shopping centre in the area. It is mere minutes away from the EC, providing the convenience of a wide selection of retail stores, lifestyle stores, fashion boutiques, and convenience stores. There are also a number of restaurants featuring an array of cuisines, plus a food court, all within the vicinity. To top it off, the entertainment options are plentiful, including a movie theatre and an arcade.
The facial recognition system is able to detect any unauthorised individuals and immediately alert the security personnel.

Tengah Plantation EC is furnished with a digital gate that is fitted with facial recognition technology, providing a heightened level of safety and protection to the occupants and their belongings. With this system, only those who are approved can be granted entry. Any unauthorised individuals attempting to gain access will be flagged and the security personnel notified immediately.

Tengah Plantation Close EC GLS boasts a cutting-edge fitness centre, equipped with the latest exercise machines and exercises regimens. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi and spa are also available for residents’ recreation, as well as a wide selection of outdoor activities. Furthermore, a supermarket and a broad assortment of coffee shops and restaurants are also included to meet the shopping and dining needs.

The inhabitants of Tengah Plantation Close EC can indulge themselves in the luxurious facilities provided at the development. Residents can revel in the large swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, clubhouse, multi-purpose room, BBQ pits, and playground, while admiring the beauty of the surrounding greenery. Relaxing and recharging through these communal facilities, they can enjoy the leisure and comfort that these amenities bring.

Woodlands Mart is another superb shopping centre located in the vicinity of Tengah Plantation Close EC. This shopping mall is merely a few minutes away from the Plantation Close Parcel A EC and offers a wide variety of shops and services. It boasts a wide array of retail outlets and restaurants, plus a food court, supermarket, department store and cinema. In addition, for entertainment, the mall also has an arcade and bowling alley at your disposal.
The URA is also exploring ways to improve access to public amenities and transportation networks in the area. This includes the creation of new pedestrian and cycling paths, as well as the introduction of bus services and shuttles to connect Tengah Plantation EC and nearby housing estates. The URA aims to create an accessible and liveable environment for residents in the area.

The URA is working to provide better housing options for those in Jurong near Tengah Plantation EC. This includes constructing both more affordable homes and new public housing projects for people interested in living in the area. The URA is examining ways of enhancing access to public services and transport networks within the area, such as creating pedestrian and cycling paths, as well as launching bus services and shuttles to link Tengah Plantation EC and neighbouring housing estates. The objective is to produce a liveable and accessible living environment for the inhabitants of the area.

The Tengah EC is a testament to the government’s dedication to promoting green and sustainable living. With its features that are both green and sustainable, the Tengah EC sets a benchmark for other housing developments in Singapore. It serves as an indication of the government’s commitment to creating green and sustainable homes that are in line with the demands of today’s society. By investing in such features, the Tengah EC is leading the charge in fostering a greener and more sustainable environment.
Residents will also be able to make use of the many excellent amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and leisure facilities.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is a luxurious new executive condominium situated in Singapore’s western region, designed to provide modern and green living. It has been created with eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency in mind, featuring smart home technology, energy-saving appliances, and green building materials. In addition to these features, residents can also enjoy the many excellent amenities offered, such as a swimming pool, gym, and leisure facilities.
It also boasts an outdoor pool, barbecue pits, a children’s play area, and a clubhouse.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is a new executive condominium that stands out with its array of smart living features. Located in the heart of Tengah, Singapore, this condominium includes a digital gate for secure entry, energy-saving appliances, a smart home system for controlling devices and appliances, and a smart parking system. To complement its smart features, it also offers various recreational amenities including an outdoor pool, barbecue pits, a children’s play area, and a clubhouse.

Tengah Plantation Close EC, situated in Singapore’s western parts, provides the perfect abode for families seeking a tranquil atmosphere amidst lush surroundings. This executive condominium has an array of amenities to meet the needs of the family. It is an ideal family-friendly residence for those who seek peace and tranquillity.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is a great place to live and shop. The shopping centres located nearby make it all the more desirable, as they offer a wide variety of goods and services for everyone’s needs. From apparel and groceries to entertainment, you’ll find it all at one of these shopping centres near Tengah Plantation Close EC. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you love. So come on down to one of these nearby shopping centres – you’ll be glad that you did!
In addition, the building is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting and energy-efficiency windows. To further reduce energy consumption, the EC has a rainwater harvesting system, as well as solar power and thermal panels that generate renewable energy.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC stands out from other ECs due to its commitment to green and sustainable features. Several elements have been incorporated into the design of the building, such as maximizing natural light and ventilation with the utilization of sky gardens and sky courts. Moreover, energy-saving LED lighting and energy-efficiency windows are also part of the design. To further decrease energy consumption, the EC has also implemented a rainwater harvesting system along with the installation of solar power and thermal panels to generate renewable energy.

The highly-anticipated Parcel A GLS development of Tengah Plantation Close EC is slated to be the biggest EC development in Singapore, with a projected 1,715 executive condominiums. It is situated in the heart of Tengah Town and is scheduled to be finished by 2021 which features an array of residences from one- bedroom to five- bedroom apartments, with a view to delivering an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is committed to transforming Jurong into a regional hub. To bring life and vibrancy to the area, the URA is focusing on the development of a waterfront promenade, as well as new spaces dedicated to leisure and entertainment activities. In addition, they plan on constructing parks, green spaces, and activities by the waterfront, which should attract more visitors and provide a place for them to enjoy.

The URA is ready to commit the necessary resources and effort to transform Jurong into a regional commercial centre, which will open up opportunities for businesses and residents alike. Huge investments and a concerted effort will be needed, but the URA is confident that its ambition of creating a regional hub in Jurong can be achieved. This will only help further strengthen Singapore’s dynamism and desirability as a city.

The launch of Tengah Plantation Close EC is predicted to be a major driving force for the growth of Tengah Town. The demand for property and related services is expected to rise in response to this exciting new EC development, offering prospective buyers and investors a chance to potentially benefit from capital gains and rental income. The range of facilities and amenities available onsite will provide a further boost to the area’s appeal.
The facilities are also designed to reduce energy consumption and reduce water consumption. Furthermore, the building has been designed to use renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, to reduce environmental impact. By doing this, the Tengah EC is set to become a more sustainable development, as well as a healthier, greener and more liveable environment.

The Tengah Executive Condominium has been crafted for the purpose of promoting green living. It is constructed with environmentally friendly materials and has incorporated green features such as green roofs and walls. This encourages activities like walking, biking and taking public transport as a substitute to using one’s own car. Additionally, the facilities are designed to reduce energy and water usage. Moreover, the construction has been structured to tap renewable sources of energy such as solar energy to minimize the environmental impact. As a result, the Tengah EC is destined to develop into a more sustainable, healthy, and livable space with a green atmosphere.

The launch of the new Tengah Plantation Close EC development marks a significant moment in Singapore’s property market. Boasting a wide array of amenities and facilities, the development is set to be a major driver of growth and progress in Tengah Town. It presents an opportunity for potential buyers and investors to capitalize on the strong demand for real estate in Singapore, offering the potential for both capital appreciation and rental yield.

The Plantation Close Parcel A development features a range of eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient lighting, water-efficient fixtures, and green roofs. These features help to lower the development’s carbon footprint, providing an opportunity for families to make a contribution to preserving the environment.
On the ground floor, there are several mini markets selling fresh produce and other groceries. There is also a library, a fitness centre, and a cinema located on the premises. On the upper levels of the mall, there are several department stores, as well as an arcade and a bowling alley. The mall is well-maintained and has free public parking available. It is an ideal place for those looking to shop in the vicinity of Tengah Plantation Close GLS.

Bukit Panjang Plaza is the most popular shopping centre located just a few minutes away from the EC. It is a mall that has plenty of amenities, ranging from banks, food outlets, beauty salons and supermarkets to shops offering affordable fashion and accessories. The range of restaurants available at Bukit Panjang Plaza is also wide, offering cuisines like Asian, Western and European. There is a mini market on the ground floor where you can buy fresh produce and other groceries, as well as a library, gym, and cinema. Upstairs, you can find department stores, an arcade, and a bowling alley. The facilities are well-maintained and there is free parking available, making Bukit Panjang Plaza an ideal spot to shop near Tengah Plantation Close GLS.

The strategic location of the Tengah Plantation Close EC renders it conveniently close to several major expressways, such as the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and the Kranji Expressway (KJE). This makes it so much easier for the residents to get to different parts of the island in no time. Moreover, the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) provides direct access to the Central Business District, the Airport, and the East Coast.
The appliances are multi-functional, allowing for multiple uses in a single space, such as a washing machine that can also be used as a dryer. The appliances also have intelligent sensors, allowing them to adjust the temperature and speed of air conditioning and refrigeration units to save energy. Additionally, the appliances are equipped with up to date technology to optimise their performance and reduce energy consumption.

The energy-saving appliances at Tengah Plantation Close EC are specifically designed to reduce power consumption and resource usage like water. This will enable the condominium to minimise the amount spent on utilities and consequently, their carbon footprint. These multi-functional appliances offer a great variety of uses in one space – for example, a washing machine that can double up as a dryer. Through the use of sensors, the appliances are able to detect temperature and adjust aircon and refrigeration to conserve energy. Moreover, thanks to the modern technology integrated in the appliances, their performance is optimised, leading to a lower energy consumption.

Tengah Plantation Close EC GLS is a luxurious executive condominium situated in the middle of Singapore, delivering inhabitants the highest in modern luxury living. The development encompasses a selection of amenities and facilities, planned to give a superior lifestyle.

Situated in a very accessible location, the Tengah Plantation Close EC provides its residents with easy access to the rest of the island. With various transport options and attractions located nearby, residents can conveniently explore the vibrant city of Singapore. From leisure activities to work commitments, the Plantation Close Parcel A EC ensures that its residents remain connected to the many exciting things that the city has to offer. With its advantageous location, residents of the Tengah Plantation Close EC can embrace the best of what Singapore has on offer.

Those living near Tengah Plantation Close EC (EC) can take advantage of a great shopping experience in the vicinity. The local malls are conveniently situated close to the EC and provide an array of shopping opportunities, with something to suit everyone.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC has been specifically crafted to be energy-efficient, utilizing appliances and materials that boast a superior energy rating, and constructed in a way that optimises energy resourcefulness. Moreover, energy conservation efforts have been extended to the realm of water utilisation, specifically through the incorporation of water-saving fixtures and fittings.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close EC are well-placed to utilize the conveniences of the nearby Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub. This hub offers access to the Jurong East MRT station, a range of bus services and, in future, the Jurong Region Line. In addition, there is a host of shopping and dining options at the hub.

Tengah Plantation Close Executive Condominium (EC) offers its residents luxurious and sustainable living with a mix of modern and green features. Built with energy-efficient materials and employing green technology, this development is ideal for anyone seeking a modern and ecologically-friendly living space.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC provides excellent connection to the MRT network for its residents with stations in the vicinity being Bukit Batok, Jurong East and Clementi. Those three MRT Stations provide accessibility to the North-South Line, East-West Line and Downtown Line. Furthermore, the Jurong East station, situated alongside the Circle Line, grants access to the western part of Singapore.

Parcel A of Plantation Close has been designed with a range of green features, including vertical gardens, green walls and green roofs. These have been implemented to help mitigate the urban heat island effect and create a pleasant living environment for those residing there. To encourage an outdoor lifestyle, the development also provides communal gardens and jogging paths, giving people the chance to stay active and engage with nature.

Situated in the western region of Singapore, the Tengah Plantation Close EC offers residents convenient access to the Central Business District. Boasting various expressways, MRT lines and bus services, commuting to and from the area is easy and hassle-free. In addition, it is located in the Jurong East region, making it ideal for those who work in the CBD. Thus, the Tengah Plantation Close EC provides great connectivity to the rest of the city, with plenty of transportation options to choose from.
It also has leisure and recreation facilities such as a bowling alley and a karaoke studio. Jurong Point is a popular shopping destination for locals and visitors alike, and offers a great shopping experience. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to do some shopping, as well as to relax and enjoy the many amenities on offer.

Tengah Plantation Close EC boasts a selection of regal furnishings, crafted to impart a deluxe living experience. These include deluxe kitchens, marble flooring, and sophisticated appliances. Homeowners can also enjoy luxurious features like a personal garden, private balconies, as well as a car park with direct access to the development.

The smart living amenities of Tengah Plantation Close EC make it an appealing choice for anyone wanting a comfortable and secure home. Set in a well-connected area, the close offers features such as automated lighting and security systems, smart mailboxes, and a safe, monitored environment. Residents can also enjoy a clubhouse encompassing fitness facilities, a swimming pool, and other recreational areas. With its use of smart technology and close proximity to eateries and shopping areas, Tengah Plantation Close EC provides a great option for a convenient yet secure living.

Residents of Tengah Plantation Close Parcel A have the advantage of enjoying a range of lifestyle amenities, including a store, food court, childcare centre, and a shuttle bus service running through the development for added convenience.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is spearheading the transformation of Jurong into a regional hub. This project will bring about significant changes to the area, creating new opportunities for businesses, Tengah Plantation EC residents and visitors.

Potential buyers and investors should look no further than the new Tengah Plantation Close EC development, set to be completed in 2021, for an excellent investment opportunity. With the high demand for property in Singapore, timing is everything – the 2021 completion date is expected to provide buyers with the perfect opportunity to benefit from the potential capital appreciation and rental yield.